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Siobhan’s Story


When I got the phone call to say my DRN had been approved, I immediately felt calm. I just sat on the chair… right back into it.


Background and circumstances

I’m a widow, living alone. I was working but I have ill health, so I had been out of work sick when there were redundancies, and I was one of the people let go. I had credit union and credit card debt of about €19,000. This debt, plus the expense of the hospital visits, scans and tests put me under real financial pressure.

For almost 5 years I’d been struggling to sort things out. Even just trying to deal with everyday bills was a problem. My sisters didn’t know. I didn’t want them to know. I had been going to MABS for a few years and they did a budget for me, but I still couldn’t manage to pay all my bills. I got into a terrible state, I was stressed and in a very bad place. I heard about DRNs on the radio and thought it might be an option for me.

Meeting an Approved Intermediary

I spoke to my MABS person and they put me in contact with an Approved Intermediary. I was very nervous about my first meeting but it went very well. She explained every word I didn’t know and talked me through the process clearly. When I got the phone call to say my DRN had been approved, I immediately felt calm. I just sat on the chair… right back into it. I felt light.

It’s like a big black cloud has lifted from you. I was so glad I didn’t have to go to court. I put my two hands together and said “Thanks be to God”. Then I made a cup of tea. I was so relieved I was almost crying. In fact, I did cry a tear


The sort of person I am, I bundle things up inside and I think I can deal with it myself. On the outside, I was on automatic pilot. I was afraid I would meet people and they would know what was going on. My advice to anyone out there with money difficulties? Stop sitting worrying.

Get up and go to MABS or the ISI. Ask them for advice. Ask them about debt relief. Already I feel more at ease, I have more energy and my health is improving. It’s made an unbelievable difference to my life.

Is a Debt Relief Notice (DRN) right for me?

If you have a low income, few assets and debts of less than €35,000 that you can’t repay, then a DRN could be the right solution for you.

Help me choose the right debt solution

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