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Back on Track

Tackling problem debt, together

The Insolvency Service of Ireland (ISI) is an independent government organisation set up to help sort out personal debt problems and help get people back on track.

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EVENT: Free debt advice meetings in Hibernian Hotel in Mallow

14/10/2017 - This event is now over

Free Debt Advice Meeting…

You can register for this event online or Freetext ISI EVENT to 50015

Most of us have some level of debt, but when unpaid debt becomes a problem that you cannot solve yourself its time to seek professional help and regain control of the situation.

The Insolvency Service of Ireland (ISI) is the independent government body set up to help tackle problem debt and it is hosting a day of FREE debt advice meetings for people with unmanageable debt. Book an appointment now and avail of a free, discreet, one to one meeting with a Personal Insolvency Practitioner or Approved Intermediary – qualified debt experts regulated by the ISI.

At your meeting, you will have an opportunity to discuss your financial situation and find out what the best debt solution option is for you. Alternatively, you can drop by the event for some information which could be of use to a friend or family member.


How do I know if this event is for me?

If you are struggling with unmanageable debt then you might be insolvent and this event could help you take control of your situation. The word insolvency is often associated with companies but personal insolvency is really just another term used to describe serious financial problems. You could be insolvent if:

  • you are not able to pay your bills in full when they are due
  • you are paying a little off each bill trying to keep creditors at bay
  • you are reluctant to set up direct debits to pay bills in case your money cannot stretch to meet them
  • you are receiving calls and letters from creditors about missed payments or threats of repossession.

How can ISI help?

The ISI has a range of solutions, for all levels of debt, and a network of qualified professionals that can help you restructure and even write off debt that you cannot repay.

Who will I talk to during the Debt Advice Meeting?

You will meet with a Personal Insolvency Practitioner (PIP) or Approved Intermediary (AI) – professionals regulated by the ISI with the relevant expertise to help you reach a permanent solution to your debt problems. They will advise you of all the products, options and solutions available to get you back on track financially.

What will happen during the Debt Advice Meeting?

You will meet with the PIP or AI and they will go through your financial circumstances, discuss the options available and recommend the best solution for you. Don’t be afraid to ask any questions you might have. PIPS and AIs are qualified professionals with the relevant expertise to help you reach a permanent solution to your debt problems.

I think I may be about to lose my home – can you help?

Even if you have received letters stating that your mortgage is unsustainable; or threatening repossession; or if you have received a court appearance date – it’s still not too late to sort out your finances and keep your home. A PIP can advise you of all our options.

What will I need to bring to the Debt Advice Meeting?

After you book a meeting the ISI will contact you with a short questionnaire which helps to set out your financial situation. Don’t worry if you’re not able to fill this out in full, just complete as much as you can or our information line staff can help you. We encourage you to bring as much information as possible to the meeting so that the PIP or AI can give you accurate advise.

Can I bring someone to the meeting with me?

Yes you can bring a friend or partner into the meeting if you wish.

Is my registration/ticket transferrable?

Yes, you may register of behalf of someone else or give your ticket to someone else, however, it is important that the person who is in financial difficulty comes along on the day to speak to the PIP or AI in person about their debt. Anyone meeting with a PIP or AI may bring a friend or partner into the meeting with them if they wish.

What happens if I decide to proceed with an application for a debt solution after my Debt Advice Meeting?

If you decide to make an application for a debt solution after your Debt Advice Meeting you can contact the Personal Insolvency Practitioner or Approved intermediary you met on the day, or you can contact any of the others regulated by the ISI.

Where can I contact the organiser with any questions?

You can call the ISI’s information line on 076 106 4200 (Mon-Fri, 9am-5pm)

or email:


Event details:

Venue: Hibernian Hotel Mallow

Date: Saturday 14th October 2017

Time: 9:15am-5pm

076 106 4200

For more information: